Upcoming Changes to 5-Star Featured Crystal

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When we first introduced 5-Star Champions, the pool was limited, and getting a crystal that included the 5-Star Champion that you wanted was rare. A new champion would come out, you would have a chance at the Featured 5-Star Hero Crystal twice, and they would be gone forever unless they were added to the Basic 5-Star Hero pool, which only occurred in small batches with several months between new additions. This wasn’t the most reliable way to ensure that the Champions you wanted would be available in the future.

Months ago, we made a change to the cadence at which we add 5-Star Champions to the basic crystal. We accelerated the pace, adding six Champions per month, until we caught up to the regular release schedule. The time when 5-Star Champions will be added to the 5-Star Hero Crystal at the same time as they are added to the other Hero Crystals is fast approaching.

This means that we will be switching to match the regular additions to the Champion crystals starting February 6th. The last cohort of new champions added in a group will be Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Medusa, Mephisto, Morningstar. Blade will not be included in that cohort, and will be added to the 5-Star Hero Crystal on February 13th, when he is added to the Premium Hero Crystal, the 3-Star Hero Crystal, and the 4-star Hero Crystal (more information on Blade below).

But this isn’t the only thing that is changing with 5-Star Hero Crystals. When 5-Star Featured Hero Crystals were first introduced, they were potentially the only chance that you had at a specific 5-Star Champion. They only ran twice, and then there was a chance that you would never be able to get that 5-Star Champion again. With 5-Star Champions now joining the regular cadence of Champions being added to Hero Crystals, it’s time for the Grandmaster to switch it up!

Introducing the new 5-Star Featured Hero Crystal! This brand new crystal is pretty different than anything we’ve done in the past, and will give you a chance at 6 recently released Champions at a time.

The crystal will be updated every 3 months, and will include a pool of 18 curated Champions, and the last 6 Featured Champions. After 3 months, 18 new Champions will fill the Basic pool, and the next 6 Champions will become the Featured Champions. For example, the first Featured Champion crystal will go live on February 13th, and will feature Thor (Ragnarok), Hela, Taskmaster, MODOK, Sentry and Void, plus 18 other Champions.

This does mean that if a new Champion is introduced shortly before a refresh, they will be added fairly quickly, while a Champion introduced just after may take a while to show up. There is always going to be a minimum of 2 weeks before a Champion is added to the 5-Star Featured Hero Crystal, so if a Champ is released just before the Crystal is refreshed, then they will be waiting until the next one to be added.

These crystals will be replacing the current 5-Star Featured Crystals, and there will not be any reruns afterwards. If you do not want to spend the 15,000 5-Star Crystal Shards for a chance at your preferred Champion when the Crystal is available, you’ll have to wait until they are added to the regular hero crystals, or purchase the Grandmaster Featured Crystal (if you are Uncollected and are able to purchase).

This change takes effect on February 13th, which is the day that Blade is added to the regular 5-Star Champion pool, but we also know that many of you are saving your 5-Star Crystal shards for a shot at Blade. Because we know how much time and effort you’ve all put into acquiring Shards for the return of Blade’s Featured Hero Crystal, we’ve decided to run his crystal one more time! It will return on its regularly scheduled date of February 22nd.

We know that the Grandmaster is pleased to see an end to this archaic Crystal, but you’ve probably got questions, so ask away in this thread here: http://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/43301/5-star-featured-crystal-change-discussion-thread/
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