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Hi everyone, so there have been many and new ways to get the newly released champs.. there is their featured crystal, the featured crystal rerun, and they are also in a secondary feature/ sub feature in other crystals... and even with the new crystal they will be around as a feature for 3 months.

However, this completely neglects some of the older champs. Maybe there can be a featured crystal for an old champ as well. Bring some love back to the older champs... so there would be a "refresh" featured crystal where you get an increased chance at a specific champ, and that champ would change every week or two weeks or whatever. I'd pay 15K for increased odds at getting a 5* Starlord, Magik, GR, and other pre-2017 champs that are oldies but goodies.


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    This new one will help u there
    6 new champs
    Amd 18 randomly selected old champs
    So maybe you can have a 1 in 24 chance of ghost rider instead of a less than 1 in 100.
    Depending of who they added....
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    the current featured champion costs 15K shards and you have a ~20-25% chance at a specific exclusive champ.

    The new one will be a 4% chance at ghost rider even if he was in it... and he is not in the first crystal so you'd have to wait 3 months for the next one and he may not be there either.

    it would be nice to have somewhat better odds akin to the current featured crystal at getting a specific champ.

    Honestly I don't know if I'll be buying the new featured crystal.. yes, it is better than the basic crystal with its smaller pool of champs, BUT it is 15K shards. I don't want to spend 15K for 4% odds for that champ you want. It is too expensive. it was worth it when your odds were 20%, but not 4%, especially when the 18 other non featured champs are not very good (the first one will have Antman, Thor Jane Foster, and other less desirables) and even in the new 6 champs there are undesirables (e.g. Sentry).
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    @Tempest i agree
    I was merely stating that it would be a better chance than a normal one of they put him here.... still not great but better than basic crystal....
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