War Changes?

MCOC is an incredibly fun game, and I applaud Kabam for introducing new content to keep it fresh, exciting and challenging. With the 6* boss rush, 5.4 and the uncollected mode there's more content than I even have time for. However there's one aspect of this game that lags behind in my opinion and that's Alliance Wars. The new war map is okay but had areas that could be improved. The point of my post is to give some ideas I think could improve the AW experience

Increased AW rewards (shards)

An alternating map, different nodes in different spots to catch people off guard.

AW missions. For example, you get 200pts for an attacker kill, and if the objective is to get a kill using a heavy, it rewards 50pts. This incentivizes different gameplay so it doesn't feel stale.

Wave attacks. What this means is each member has let's say a 1 hour timer to complete a lane of 6 fights (similar to the 6* boss rush) and more pts are awarded depending on time left when completed.

These are just a few ideas I have to freshen up a gamemode that many like myself just push through because it's required. It has become very stale and repetitive and would like to see some fun, innovate changes to this mode!


  • New war layout seems to be much less about teamwork and strategy... in old war, there was defensive strategy that could provide boss protection... it was hard to take out the boss. Now it’s easy... haven’t seen a match in a long time that wasn’t 99% explored.
    Rewards also don’t match the effort...
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