Spider-Man Evade Impossible [More Info Needed]

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Was something changed with Spider-Man? He seems to be evading way more that statistically possible now. How does a 4 star Spider-Man evade 2 or 3 times per combo against a R4 five star Gwenpool in AW on a measly +health/attack/Bleed node? What is the max on his evade? Like 26%? So why does it seem more like 70%? Where’s my ability reduction for my sig ability and my challenger rating advantage for using a R4 against a 4 star? I noticed my Spider-Man got 6 kills on defense last War which never happens. Also, he seems to be back to being able to punch you in the face while evading again, which I thought you guys had “fixed.” So... what gives? Anyone else noticing this, or just me?
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  • I noticed I had trouble evading his L1 punches, but I'm not sure if it is just I'm off, could very well be my timing is off. I haven't noticed any difference in his evasion though, however I fight him most often with an iceman..
  • Hey @rage1224. We haven't made any changes to Spider-Man, so this is most likely just a string of unfortunate chance results. That being said, if anyone else sees similar results, please try and post a video or screenshot indicating any strangeness with his Evade. Thanks!
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    Just fought another one in AW. R3 Spider-Man vs R4 Starlord. 20 punches thrown, 4 landed. Sig level on Spider is 40 which is equal to 21.05% chance to evade. This is more than a string of unfortunate events. Happening every fight. If this is how it's going to be can we at least update his chance to evade to be more accurate? Instead of 21% it needs to say 80%. I tried to make a video for you, but I killed him that time. Just landed a couple bleeds with Gwenpool and let him bleed out instead of risking his 80% evade chance.
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    The above video explain problems with spidey evades
  • Evade has always made me wonder why there's no negative attached to it. When a champ like Spiderman evades on the 1st hit he can essentially go from taking 5 hits of damage to punching you in the face. That has always tripped me out with how overpowered that is!

    It would make sense if there was a small negative like a stacking armor break or weakness debuff for each evade. Or maybe a cool down timer? Something....
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    Well they made that mastery to sink more points and units into rather than fix it. So that's..... something
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