My suggestion on who should Kabam buff next.

If anyone deserves a buff it’s Carnage for sure. Carnage is the most coolest looking character and in the comics he is easily an OP character. But in the game he has weak damage output and his bleed is useless. Buff up the bleed atleast so he can be somewhat an ok character but right now he is complete trash.


  • The character has been confirmed by the devs to be getting a buff, the only question is when. I don't think it will be very soon though, if you look at Kabam Miike's post about the Luke Cage and Red Hulk beta there's a line that says something like "our game team wants to take a good look at some of the older characters starting with these two" so we'll probably be seeing updates to champs like Colossus and She Hulk before we see any love for Carnage. Although I completely agree with you, he deserves a strong buff.
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 674
    Bring back the supposed Carnage
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