Who Did you Receive from the Singularity Bundle

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Trying to determine odds on the Void Crystal Offer and whether or not to purchase it. So let's see who people got from the grandmaster feature crystal for Void

Who Did you Receive from the Singularity Bundle 67 votes

5* Void
evo2sloNexus_UY_ScutiLego_Avengers2Hubris_haterJohnnyPac 5 votes
4* Void
GrubL3pa_DDarkstar4387HeroBoltsyG0311DTMelodicMetalPrimeSaviour_27 7 votes
3* Void
RagamugginGunnerRaganatorTrimbobFabiMr_mc_person34 5 votes
Previous featured 5* (including Sentry)
HazerfaceBreynolds11 2 votes
Previous featured 4* (Including Sentry)
OwGssWhododo872Random_NoobGreenstrokeTony_is_aweaome 5 votes
Basic 5* Champ
Basic 4* Champ
dbrascoRomario26KbugiiRyansapphKing_L0kiB34rFR33_HUG5SgtSlaughter78PincheChingonCoachLed 9 votes
I got all 3 stars
DL864danielmathCableZeke_the_XbotMaverickDrOctavius2_2OGHeRRoCuteshelfThe_Greatest_Onechaos3430ZoddymamDeadbyrd9Bosko888670MoneygrabbuffajrJadedSTShortyB3de23Feeney234BigBob 34 votes


  • I got all 3 stars
    Sorry I forgot that option @Bahamut
  • Basic 4* Champ
    4* Black Panther.... and the amazingness of a 3* Thor... lol
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,061
    STShorty wrote: »
    Sorry I forgot that option @Bahamut

    *With Odd Accent* AlL iS fOgIvEn
  • I got all 3 stars
    All 3 star trash. I don't think void is even in The bundle. Have yet to see anyone pull him.
  • I got the yin crystals and didn’t even see Void show up for any of them.
  • Previous featured 4* (Including Sentry)
    Got a 4* sentry. Woohoo, more arena fodder
  • 4* Void
    I know a guy who got 4* Void.
  • Got 4 star Luke cage,rest of them 5 star.
    I am still wondering how much I have to spend or after what amount spent I may get a 5 star . Never ever got a 5 star hero
  • I got all 3 stars
    The votes are looking very one sided
  • 4* Void

    Got lucky and pulled him on my 1st crystal, the rest was all 3 stars though.
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 657
    4* Void
    Got 4* void Sentry 3* Sentry, warmachine, and dr strange
  • Basic 4* Champ
    Got two 4*s and three 3*s one of which was Void.
  • I got all 3 stars
    May compile a spreadsheet of the information here
  • I got all 3 stars
    Yep Odds are still horrible I feel like it should be guaranteed at least a 3* version of the champion for $30
  • I got all 3 stars
    My ally mate got 5* Blade from it

    Screenshot or didn't happen lol
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