Ultron 5.4.6 tips

Anyone have good tips to take down 5.4.6 ultron? Stuck at him now. Keeps getting power gain. Gets to 3 bars so fast and kills me with the sp3 . Using medusa mainly for her armor shatter but having trouble getting to it. Also have magik, iceman, hyperion, and quake on my team. Thanks in advance for any tips!


  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,846 ★★★★
    Hope this doesn't sound wrong. You can't hit him while he has the power gain buff available. Once you get armor shatter up you can. Lots of dancing around until then. Might try the Karnak black bolt synergy...doing a couple heavies then a L1 will get a shatter if you are having trouble doing a MLLLM then a L1.
    Of course you could use Loki?
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