6* Concerns

So with this new change to the featured 5* crystals coming up and 6* champions on the horizon, what will we see next? With 5* shards being easier to get lately, it makes me wonder if with the increase of 5* shards and 5* crystals we're pulling, we'll eventually start getting more and more 6* champs in the same way. Will we get more ISO for duping 6* champs than we do for duping 4-5* champions? At what point will we begin to see featured 6* crystals and see the base 6* pool grow? Will it be in a similar way as the 5* pool is growing currently? Or will we have the old featured 5* crystal system in which the featured 6* champs will only come around twice and then possibly never again except in the subfeatured pool (if the subfeatured system is added to the featured 6* crystals)? With 6* champions closer and closer to being fully released I think it'd be nice to have some clarification as to what direction the game is going after 6* champs are released.


  • All of this information is still to come. We don't have any more information that we can share on 6-Star Champions just yet, but as soon as we do, we'll be letting you all know. Gonna close this thread down for now, but rest assured, we're getting closer and closer to being able to share this information with you all!
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