Alliance Loyalty Cap Inquiry

Would anyone happen to know if there was an explanation as to why the limit for daily loyalty stops at 1000?


  • PlantesanPlantesan Posts: 284 ★★
    edited January 2018
    Yeah, that did come to mind after posting.

    I mean even bumping it up to 2-2.5k seems like it would reasonable. That way it doesn’t force alliances into doing AW for that resource all the time. It might encourage them to push further and get more map 6s if they are at that skill plateau, but don’t bother with AW that much.
  • When they first released the crystals, there was no limit on them. This became largely problematic because we were all opening a ton of Loyalty Crystals daily and basically never needed to buy any boosts because you’d be a full capacity basically all the time.

    From a player standpoint, this was great. However, from a business aspect, they severely cut into the profits for Kabam I’m sure. Putting it plainly, no one would ever buy that quest bundle for over 1k units if the system was still in place.

    I’d say they limited down to 1 because the resources from them are too valuable (minus that pesky 2* Unstoppable Colossus).
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