not in control of my champion

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Kabam I lost control of my champion in a fight in war and I lost the fight do to that, I'm not happy with this. so when will you guys fix this?
I'm playing on I-phone SE.

Ps. I would like a compensation for the loss that was do to this bug.

this is for any at kabam.


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    This has been a problem since the Ant-Man/Yellowjacket update broseph. It's not getting changed, and they don't care. It's a money maker.
  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 382 ★★ been trying FOR 6 MONTHS to get them to focus on this HUGE problem with the very CORE of the game mechanics. They even "merged" some forum post with mine after mine had over 13THOUSAND people look and over 300+ comments. Making my post into that one ^ up there. Changing the number of views down to 1k till more finally have gone and looked at it again. Maybe it's just me but when someone's post has 13k views. I'm going to look myself and see if I'm experiencing these problems as well. But instead of keeping my views and comments they kept the views of the other post present. Imo. They trying to hide this problem more and more cause it's making a killin in $$$ with people's frustration. Whether it's attempting to get through uncollected or AQ/AW. I like being that guy my team could always count on. Because I have the skills and timing and knowledge to b that backup and destroy what's in my way. Yet Kabam just trying to handicape us all and keep this issue as quite as possible.
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    Due, not do
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    Game is not under control of kabam either
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