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looking for a relaxed alliance in southeast asia region

hi all,

i am looking for an alliance that plays regularly, but not to a point where it consumes daily life. i play around an hour, or two, on a daily basis. i prefer alliance from around my time zone (+7 gmt).

my individual prestige is mid 3000. i am no means a boss killer, but i am good at clearing paths on both alliance war and quest. i almost never grind for a champ on 4* arena, but i usually play to getting the 500 4* shards from the 4* basic arena. i regularly get 10000 to 15000 points in summoner's advancement.

my top five champs are 4* 5/50 sig 60 thor, 4* 5/50 sig 20 magik, 4* 5/50 sig 20 starlord, 4* 4/40 sig 30 gwenpool, 4* 4/4 sig 20 hyperion.

if you feel your alliance and i have mutual benefits, hit me up. my nickname on mcoc is nintuts.


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