Shorten Falcons Redwing Timer

I had the thought of using Falcon for the Boss rush but surprise the AI is too aggressive to get his Redwing active as the Timer is too long and gives the AI too much time to attack and heavy causing you to have to evade and break the charging time. Shorten this and he can have a little niche usefulness.


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    TiemiliosTiemilios Posts: 337
    Given that Falcon was one of the lowest rated champions...one of the bottom six as one of the least popular champs, i think some tweaks are needed. There was recently a Beta for Red Hulk and Luke Cage improvements. I'm hoping we see something similar for Falcon and other champs that aren't as popular in the near future. Honestly, his redwing is great...and I really like him, but a shorter timer, OR a longer duration of redwing, would be really nice and make him far more useful.
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    I really feel like a lot of the characters need a update i know their is one coming but i hope it does not include any debuffs
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