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Recently there was a thread discussing the number of users who pushed the button vs. those who didn't. I found this very informative and it made me realize how much data you guys collect.

Recently as you are well aware there was an 8 hour lockout for Android users during the voodoo/starlord arena. Since we all know you guys collect lots of data, I would like to know the difference in number of Android and iOS users who got either champion as well as the percentage of each who were either top 10% for starlord or top 11-25% for voodoo.
Also, I would like a comparison of the users who got milestone and rank rewards in the guardians hero use solo event.

These numbers should heavily favor apple users, as they weren't locked out for 8 hours like Android users were. You could even add in the number of Android users vs. iOS users who play the game to see if the ratio matches up.

After all of the recent issues with the game and the promise to be more open, this would go a long way in showing your intentions, it would also show if Android users were indeed put at a disadvantage for missing ~10% of arena time and ~33% of the solo event time.

I know for a fact that it cost me rewards, and as nothing has been done since this happened I feel like it is being ignored and there is almost no chance we will see anything done. However, statistics don't lie, and I think the user base deserves to know how much this really affected everyone.



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    They're not going to give you this information.
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    People use one apple and one android device. What about them?
  • We are still looking into how players were affected and have made no decisions on the subject yet. Continuously posting on the same subject does not help get your question answered faster when there is no more information to add.
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