Void AW question

PrimeSaviour_27PrimeSaviour_27 Posts: 292 ★★
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I have a 4* Void sig level 50.

I’ve been trying him in AWD but he doesn’t seem effective on the nodes I’ve placed him on. (Stun immune and power gain).

My question is, is he good for AWD if so what node would he be best on? Or is it best to just use him in attack?

I’m in tier 7 AW if that helps.


  • well it is easy to fight void so i don't see a problem but awa would be best for him since the defender won't be able to get that 10 hit combo.
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 716 ★★
    He is good if he can gain power fast or if his sp1 in not blocked
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