Looking for 2.5-3 Mill Alliance

LINE: JimboJones3602, InGame: JimboJones3602
G'day, I'm here looking for a 2.5-3 million alliance to help me progress, i have 60K rating and am quite active, prefer AQ map 3 but can handle map 4. Thanks a lot in advance


  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 750 ★★★
    edited January 2018
    Sure, let's talk. I cannot find your line id , add me.
  • ereno44ereno44 Posts: 98
    Join mine
  • JoshausburnJoshausburn Posts: 27
    Jimbo you find an alliance? Kalimdor is active running map 3 & 4, AW tier 6-8 normally needs good active players
  • Starscean98Starscean98 Posts: 89
    Death Claw [Dmark] would be happy to have you.
    We are doing map 4 currently transition to map 5 soon. If interested hit me up on line.
    Line- akashpatre
    Ingame- Starscean98
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