Save Alpha Tier 1 Catalysts for 5 * or use with Multiple 4 *

I currently have two 5 * champions, Venompool (meh) and Winter Soldier and a solid main team of 4 * characters I can rank up (Dr. Voodoo duped, Stark Spider Man, Storm). Winter Soldier I am liking a ton, but generally nothing comes close to DV or Starky in terms of utility and general all around awesomeness.

I just wanted to put it out there, does everyone generally save Alpha 1 catalysts for ranking up 5 * champs, or simply use them on their best champs including those that are 4 *. I have two Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts and I could rank up Starky, Dr. Voodoo, and Storm further (all are at rank 3 currently) or save them for Winter Soldier to take him to Rank 2.

What are your thoughts?
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