Making 4 star and 5 star crystals availible to buy with units+ new characters!!

hello fellow summoners, I have a suggestion for kabam!

3 star hero crystal : 200 units
4-star hero crystal 350 units
5 star hero crystal 1500 units

Mandatory characters!
1) Doctor Doom bleed, stun, nuerotoxin
2)Mr Fantastic stun, concussion, flexiblity
3)Invisble woman Invisblity, mind slam, power drain
4)Human torch incinerate, bleed
5)The Thing Unstopable,power drain,
6) Silver Surfer Silver Slash, Cosmic Bleed

My personal ideas!!! please let me know, what you think : )


  • also, If you guys know how to change your name in the forums, that be great :smile:
  • SteelCurtainMUTSteelCurtainMUT Posts: 432 ★★
    That would be nice but most likely 5*’s will be 2500(what 4*’s are now)-5000 Units I’d say. Get rid of the 3* IMO & make the 4* the new 3* at 400 Units
  • Lol! The three star is crappy... But wanted to give a chance for beginners Thx for passing by and what do you think of the F4Ntastic four?
  • That's a great idea 👍
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