Rhino unstoppable [Not A Bug]

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What is the percent chance for Rhino’s dashing medium to become unstoppable? I thought it was 100% (at least it is when i fight a Rhino) but when I use him, it’s definitely not guaranteed every time.
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  • Unstoppable is a 100% chance if there is at least a medium distance between you and the target. It won’t activate if you’re already up in there face when you dash.
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    Whenever he uses a dash attack when a there’re out of range for other types of attacks (I.e. a light attack would miss) he becomes Unstoppable
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    Hey OP. Just wanted to confirm that Rhino won't become Unstoppable on a medium attack if he's not actually at dashing range. When he dashes in, it's 100% chance to become Unstoppable. Since this isn't a Bug, I'm going to close out the thread. Thanks!
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