Gwenpool Stun [Not A Bug]

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Is it just me (or my phone) or is it that the stun is so short (0.75 sec) that I don't even notice it.

I've played in every game mode, I see "stun" pop up a fair bit, but absolutely zero stun
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    stun is (0.75 sec) is designed this way on purpose. In order to be able to better make use of her stun, it is expected that players invest into Mastery such as Max out Stupefy Mastery

    You can also read a little bit more here:
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    They shorten and nerf her about a month ago. Said it wasn't working right
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    They shorten and nerf her about a month ago. Said it wasn't working right

    Hi @Webbdog, Thanks for the insightful info. I wasn't aware about her nerf a month ago.

    I was aware of her heavy nerf back in Nov, which is 2~3 months ago, whereby Kabam nerfed her heavy from a 50% chance to a 5% chance to cause a bleed because it creates an exploit, which part of the community agreed that such a nerf is reducing her damage output by much, although that nerf probably reduce the ability for folks to pin opponent to the wall and endlessly loop the heavy till K.O. The heavy nerf has no impact to the stun (0.75s) asked by @xoRIVALox

    Do you mind to share more (e.g. link) of the nerf that shorten her stun? I would like to check it out, as I must have missed that one myself. Thanks!
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    Hey folks. Just wanted to chime in that Gwenpool's stun length is intended, and was not nerfed. Since this is not a Bug, I'm going to go ahead and close out the thread. Thanks!
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