Need an answer on Gwenpool vs Widow

I've posted this in a couple of different threads, but hopefully creating a separate thread about will get a moderator answer. It is my understanding that at a 50 hit combo, Gwenpool achieves 100% ability accuracy reduction. I haven't had a whole lot of cause for use of this ability, but with the new challenge I thought "hey, that would be perfect for Black Widow!" However, in two run throughs of the quest, one on the hardest and one on the easiest path, widow still activated her evade after 50 hits. This led to utter destruction of Gwenpool's face.

Could we get a definitive answer on why this is? Surely there is a reasonable answer other than the typical "you just got ****, throw some money on it and it'll be alright."


  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 3,937 ★★★★★
    maybe GP's ability is considered defensive, and widow reduces that ability?
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