Whats going on with the blocking and parry?

Ever since the last update in aq and aw the blocking has gotten really sketchy it's either delayed or quits half way thru the combo, and getting a Parry even timed perfectly is rarely if ever getting the stun effect anymore. It doesn't happen in story mode only aq aw and it's causing losses on fights that are usually easily won


  • OngellOngell Posts: 55
    Yeah, that whole let go of block thing is a real dilemma and parrying was working well for maybe 4 days after the fix and then just went back to being useless and unreliable. More bugs that will never be 100 percent corrected, I can't wait til the day I and the rest of the fan base can turn away from this game. We deserve a better. Not freebies, but a good running game with a lot of good content and no progression walls.
  • Mrbat36Mrbat36 Posts: 4
    I can't help but feel this is just another part of the money grab aspect that has complete control of this game being that alliance health and revives are the most expensive, several of my alliance members are having the same issue and it's just in alliance events. This game makes plenty of money and would make more when ppl don't feel cheated or pressured to make it happen.
  • JotaroJotaro Posts: 48
    Its hard to parry when facing electra and BW.
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