• I've seen it on youtube where it starts opening on a 5*, and keeps rolling over and out pops a 3*. this is nothing compared.
  • and tbh, I would kill to have 4* blade. I only have 3*. you can't complain so much.
  • Lol, the spin and the champions that you see in there (mainly the abundance of 4s and 5s) are only animation.
  • RodsteinRodstein Posts: 205
    ^ what @TheOneAndOnly said the sec you put your crystal to spin it already decided what are you getting, just pop 'em, no frustation that way
  • As @TheOneAndOnly and @Rodstein had mentioned, the animation is there to add to the feature of it. It shows you what other possible champions there are in the crystal for you to obtain, however, the spin doesn't decide the pull.
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