Update/App Issue

I am very frustrated I purchased the 4 star binding crystal earlier during the day when they came out. I opened it and received a 4 star rogue and that 4 star binding crystal gave me 5000 5 star shards. I also purchased the 5 star binding crystal recieved my additional 5000 5 star shards which both purchases put me at 15000+ shards because of the prior shards I had already. I didn't open my 5 star binding crystal, 15000 shards and 4 star hero shards because of the news Kabam put out about the new update to featured 5 star crystals I wanted to save my 15000 5 star shards to use for the new featured crystal system but somehow when i updated the game through the app store and started it back up all of my crystals were already opened and i had new champs that i didnt open from the crystals i was saving. The new champs in my inventory were 4 star magik, 5 star storm and 5 star hulkbuster. This situation is really heart breaking.
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