Tiering down after winning AW?

My alliance just won 2x tier 4 Wars, with 1680 War rating. Now we're in tier 5. Why?
Is that a bug or the new system of brackets reflects on tiers as well? Please clarify @Kabam Miike
@Kabam Wolf


  • Jim0172Jim0172 Posts: 59
    It's because they broke up tier 1 into 3 tiers. It looks like you actually moved up one tier by winning 2 in a row.

    Old New
    Tier 1A = Tier 1
    Tier 1B = Tier 2
    Tier 1C = Tier 3
    Tier 2 = Tier 4
    Tier 3 = Tier 5
    Tier 4 = Tier 6

    Disclaimer: I only briefly skimmed the war update post.
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 330 ★★
    @Jim0172 Thanks mate. Yeah apparently I overlooked the last paragraph! Plus did not expect to see any changes before updating to 17.0...
  • Jim0172Jim0172 Posts: 59
    No problem. I was expecting the change after the update rather than maintenance as well.
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