Iceman Ice Armor not prtotecting against Stark Tech Spidey Sp3

The_GrandmasterThe_Grandmaster Posts: 205
edited February 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Just as the title says, can you please look into this or explain why a sp3 from Stark Tech will kill Iceman with his Ice Armor active instead of just doing 5% damage like normal. Is it because Stark Tech has a class advantage over Iceman or is this a bug. BTW it happened in the Uncollected monthly quest, last chapter, the Stark tech with the Cornered node. I didn't take any hits and was not stunned and my Ice Armor was active and since I had full health I pushed Stark Tech to sp3 assuming I would only take 5% damage as usual but instead was KOed. Hope this is enough info to check this issue out. Thank you for your time
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