We have ice cream sandwiches

An active alliance where progression is through self-motivation. Looking to expand and improve from the current member line-up to prepare for the change coming to AW.

Infinitum Vindices' current state (2nd Feb 2018)
- 2M Rating
- 520 War rating

Weekly to-do list:
- AQ 33333 / 33322 (2BGs)
- AW (1BG)
- Summoner Advancement (no maximum cap)
- Quest completion

Donations Gold 15k, BC 10k, Loyalty 2k
Arena grinding not necessary

Prefer players with 100K PI and above, with daily login activity

LINE is used for all communications. It is necessary because coordination would otherwise be impossible.
Contact LINE ID airwalker8888 (GMT+8) for further details
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