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Game issue

Kabam please can you help me since the new 17.update ..when I'm playing in the game the connection issues keep popping up while in the middle of a fight...
I have try remove date , my sim everything and downloading the app mcoc again and its is still doing it...please help...


  • Hey there @Daddyzoom ! It sounds like you're having the same issue as is being discussed here.

    To keep all the information in one place, it would really help us if you could post the following information in that discussion!

    - Device make and model
    - Device Operating System (OS) and version number
    - Carrier name/ Service Provider (if applicable)
    - Are you are attempting to connect to the game using a WiFi or a cellular connection?
    - Have you have tried connecting through WiFi as opposed to a cellular connection or vice versa, and if so, what happens?
    - Have you attempted to connect to the game using an alternative device, and if so, were you able to connect? ...Also, what were the specifics of the alternative device (make, model, OS and version)?
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