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Help some brothers out...we’re rebuilding. Can you fight? Are you nice? See inside:

Hey MCOC friends. We recently had a big defection and haven’t had the best streak of luck keeping recruits (we got most from global, could have been the issue lol). Even with only 15 of us still here, we’re over 5 million and all very strong, experienced veterans of the game. When we’re full we near 10 million. We run map 5x5 when full and do war, but both of those are in flux until we get solid replacements back in. We would just need some solid higher rated, patient guys who understand it may take a minute before we’re full and running on all engines again. We’re extremely active and ambitious and would love to add some courteous and ambitious guys to the roster who want a new home, not a temporary trial group. If this is up your alley, I can provide more details. We use line so hit me up there or in game at Nick Caine, or our leader DodgeX on Line. Hope to hear from you!
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