Alternative to PHC Shards/Crystals in the 5 * Arena

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So I was thinking about the milestone rewards from the featured 5 * arena and about 95% of the players agree that PCH shards from an arena where you get 5/6* Shards isn't great so I have an idea maybe Kabam could try.

I understand your defense of not giving GMC shards due to it only being for uncollected players and the arena is open to anyone (I still disagree tho). Something you guys can try is maybe an Ultimate Crystal or something that only give a 3-4* champ. The Ultimate Crystal is and has always been open to all players and it's a suitable reward at least for game progression (and boy would it lower the cut-off for the other arenas as well with many players wanting the Ultimate Crystal instead).

It doesn't have to be anything crazy like 1 crystal every mile stone but it could be shards instead. At the high final milestone of 12mil you could have gotten from all ether 1 full crystal, 1 1/2 crystal so next time you'll get 2 then repeat or if you're feeling generous then at the 12mil you could have gotten a full 2 each time.

It's more intensive for end game players and is a much better reward for the work. The most you can get is a 4* so it's not like it's going crazy or anything.

I hope you guys see this and at least consider it. Thank you.


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