11 mil alliances looking for 4.5k+ members to help start a 2 alliance family

Hey! My alliance, notrious (m777), and Killer instinct alliance (KIA 1) are merging and creating a two alliance family. M777 has a current war rating over 1500 and are in war tier 5. We also place top 1000 in AQ. We are looking for 4-5 members with at least a 4500 prestige to join m777 as we merge on Sunday. While the plan is to run 5x5 there will be discussion once all spots are filled on whether to run map 6. Please contact me on line, ID Cradleman. Line will be required for movement.


  • We are still looking for 4-5 guys to help fill in holes after the merger. We placed 559 in AQ this week and our current war rating is over 1600. Please message me on line as we would like to get people on board in time to start the last war of the week.
  • We still have 4 spots available. Please contact me on line. We want to fill them before war starts. Currently platinum 2.
  • Hey we still need three. Filled up yesterday and a couple people left once we started war. Need thirty before AQ
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