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340k looking for an active 5-6 million alliance

Willing to use any chat app... CHQ ...any


  • Jgoody723Jgoody723 Posts: 32
    @Masterkraft3000 look me up in game or on line at jgoody723.
    Currently doing 44443 in aq and tier 11 in aw.
    6 mil alliance.
  • Add Rtommad on Line our alliance tag is A1886
  • We are a 7.5 mill alliance in Gold 3
  • VindixVindix Posts: 41
    We are a Fun and Active alliance currently performing clean up of non active and lower ranked players.
    Currently doing 55533, and AW all week.
    We use Line
    If you think you'll fit well with us contact me on line - Vindix77
    Alliance name HYSS
    6.4M alliance rating
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 778 ★★★
    Why a 5-6 mil alliance if you're a 340k player? Contact in game or line app Drenlin I'm recruiting for a 10 million alliance
  • Raymond_PRaymond_P Posts: 17
    If you’re interested in something better, contact me. LINE ID: rayt92

    We run 5x5 with 1,700 War Rating
  • Tyu15Tyu15 Posts: 78
    Ha. Lots of suitors! If they’re all douches, drop me a line. Lol
    We do 5x5. 8 mill plus.
  • RtomMADRtomMAD Posts: 195
    Bro hit me up on Line rtommad an we can chat
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