Basic Schedule Changing

Hey Kabam,

The super reliable Basic Schedule is changing. I like the idea of getting more new 4 star champs sooner, so I'm not complaining. I would just like to know why the change and is this a one-time thing or is the whole Basic Schedule changing?

Usually an announcement is made when the schedule is deviated from, so please let us know whats going on!


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 3,554
    Are you talking about 5* crystals?
  • Demonzfyre wrote: »
    Are you talking about 5* crystals?

    No, the Basic Arena. Instead of Electro it is Thor Rags, which is very early for him.
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 648
    edited February 2018
    Think it's more the fact that Thor (Rag) was not scheduled for this week. Doc Oct is supposed to come out first, among others, such as Kingpin, Medusa, etc.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 3,554
    I've never seen a "official" schedule. They have been following when champs were released but I don't anything was ever set in stone. Trucos posts schedules they get from data mining but that's the closest I've seen so far.
  • True, it is not official, but it is still one of the more reliable thing Kabam does, so just having it up and changed with no announcement is weird.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 2,338
    I'm not complaining, I like it better when they pair a couple different desirable champs at the same time. It tends to drop the cutoffs for both instead of everyone piling into one.
  • FPC3FPC3 Posts: 142
    A champions first rerun as basic IS actually a set schedule, it's a certain number of weeks from their release date.

    Thor Rags was supposed to be May 17th, so this is a deviation from that schedule.

    Seems perfectly fair to ask Kabam if this is a "one-off" or if they are changing their routine.
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 166
    My main question may seem stupid but how will this impact the rotation? Will Thor Ragnarok come around again when he was scheduled in June I think it was
  • This is weird and annoying. I was looking forward to a week off from grinding basics between goblin and ock, now I need to do thor too....
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 998
    The best theory I’ve seen around is it is because of the movie being released for download and on DVD. I’m sure the Marvel PR folks went to Kabam and asked them politely to do this.
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