Who do you think is the most underrated champion in the game and why?

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Who do you think is the most underrated champion in the game and why? 125 votes

Civil Warrior
BadroseRocerMr_WiffCavalierGruftyZzyzxGuySnaggleSilentJay08SirTodd_83Silver_trumpetGogetaHammerbro_64Mmx1991Awashanoop4N70hope4tg 16 votes
Rocket Raccoon
Savio444AhitlawMr_mc_person34Crimsontide1616Jaegr 5 votes
SBundyBearErza_ScarletNinjAlanBigTrump2017ScottryanDingaloFLOATSdfmoore26 8 votes
Iron Fist
ninexhelixSummonerB2mysticdumpDr_StrangeGyanemdjerNightslam 6 votes
ShevaMilanNomarigerolAlCapone2727Dmack976637arsjumBeerowswvonkGyanemdjerDomzi3JOJOHARA 10 votes
OG Black Panther
AjavedCorpsmanDanicb94GAM3RGUYLt_Magnum_1Nemesis666SpiderCoolsTrojanX05TheRealmKeeper 9 votes
Carmel1adqqedfyvrRandom_NoobF4k3_GaM3rJones979ThundercatprimeVeryCoolUserNameRixobAMFsilverseraphTheHoodedDormammuEmmanuelcoastStagedear85TheLegend27 14 votes
Winter Soldier
Vdh2008NevvBLocoMotivesAlfa_PigeonDrOctavius2_2Spity68Fireballs5Chris_L_HSIlverProfessorIl_JooObeyonder8421Sac123_Anonymous346MasterYoda493chev327foxCupidspktobalaDrpancakessbdjdkSSofLimbo 21 votes
All of them
TonyStarkFrodoT_BagginsimnooneStarscean98TurbulentUrFaceDONZALOOG1234BobomanMonstermatt1272PsychoticSlayerAwashanoop 10 votes
Other (please specify)
DukeRomario26Mrbeast6000The_GrandmasterUsername1583SimplyidostuffChitlinsRunawaytrainnFoxhero007SungjBUZZdog3000ZzzSKK65SpiritOfVengeanceKennadogohard123FivesGeneralDCKyleMcolbyscipio987 26 votes


  • All of them
    these are all good champs, just not the best. but still good champs
  • Other (please specify)
    Old Man Logan is one of my favorite underrated champs. He has constant regen, good damage when he builds up Pacifism charges, and he significantly reduces bleed duration. He is really good but doesn't get much love.
  • She hulk
  • Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier is the most predictable champion in the game because of ROL, but as an attacker is quite good when duped. He power drains and can bleed you or incinerate you to death.
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 890
    Rocket Raccoon
    I’d say rocket as he may have low health, but he hits hard, his sp2 and 3 do big damage
  • Other (please specify)
    Electro. I have him duped and at a high sig he does insane crit
  • BadroseBadrose Posts: 486
    Civil Warrior
    I say vision
    His specials are helpful and he does not bleed

    LOL Vision underrated? He's one of the best
  • Other (please specify)
    I think Venompool is so undertated. Especially as a 5-star. This dude has insane bleed damage and amazing regen that he can get over and over by using his sp1.
  • Other (please specify)
    Personally I would have to say Classic Spidey when unawakened. He can do good damage and his specials do massive damage.
  • OG Black Panther
    BP has great raw damage output. He is overshadowed by Blade and GP though.
  • ZzyzxGuyZzyzxGuy Posts: 1,292
    Civil Warrior
    Civie is highly underrated. If he's played correctly, he's a very useful champ.
  • SnaggleSnaggle Posts: 227
    Civil Warrior
    Heal block through his heavy and power drain on his SP2.
  • KennadoKennado Posts: 250
    Other (please specify)
    I voted 'Other' for The Hood. Staggers on normal crit hits which nullifies the next buff (ie. Arc Overload, Fury, Armor, etc). L1 shocks and stuns the opponent guaranteed. L2 fate seals the opponent and gives you invisibilty making the opponent miss on projectile specials and on most basic attacks. L3 bleeds the opponent with a higher damage output the more power the opponent has. Heavy attack restarts any stagger, shock, or bleed. He can go invisible on demand. And the most amazing part about The Hood is, when awakened, he has full stun immunity on cool down from the invisibilty. Very effective for your Mordos and BPCWs. There's so much versatility and tools with the character that it's almost criminal how underrated he is. THEE swiss army knife of MCOC when awakened as a 5* at 4/55. If his life and power steal were buffed just a bit, he would be in the top 10 best characters in the game in my opinion. If you have him awakened as a 5*, you would not have any regrets whatsoever if you brought him to rank 4 or even rank 5.
  • What game?
  • Storm
    I would say storm especially when awakened just gr8 damage stun shock ect I would choose her
  • Other (please specify)
    Howard. My man gets **** on soo much. Put some respek on his name
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,089
    Bahamut wrote: »
    SKK65 wrote: »
    Red Cyclops. He got me through Act 4.

    Cuz he’s so effective? Because that’s what I’ve been told

    Cos he used to be part of the perfect block team with mags and black bolt
  • Iron Fist
    He had better days pre 12.0 but he still can hit like a truck. The goose egg on his armor rating is unfortunate. My r4 IF still gets me the some of the quickest wins I arena. My r5 IIF serves me well plowing through EQ.
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 166
    Civil Warrior
    Civil Warrior has a power drain on par with Magik's albeit without power steal and his heavy doing heal block is very helpful. plus his damage output isn't the worst. A lot of people hate on him when he is very much a swiss army champ.
    also I LOVE hawkeye but lets face it people have advertised hi enough we are aware of his demigod status he is not underrated most people know he is insane by now
  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    Civil Warrior
    some of the guys you listed I don't think are under rated at all but very good. Storm and Rocket have huge damage output.
    My vote is for CW. He is a good tank, Can heal block, and power drain.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,061
    @Matty_Giz11 what game do you think lmao
  • Other (please specify)
    She hulk and spider gwen and carnage and colossus complete garbage and need to be buffed
  • Other (please specify)
    Old Man Logan and Hawkeye
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