Grinder and AQ focused Alliance

AQ map 3, Arena and quest centric alliance, play as a single player, benefit as a team player. Lone wolf players and grinders are welcome and semi retired players who just want to play for fun but are very active. Members welcome.

Alliance Quests map 3 (need players who can clear 40k Agent Venoms and Black widows with 9k plus attack and local nodes), no Alliance Wars, no line chat application or any chating application required, we also don't donate, don't require to spend and don't hold crystals, ever. We are very retro style, no bossing around, however we do like to be pragmatic and advance, so we do have 2 requirements:

-Move and progress in AQ map 3, be active and move; don't be out for more than 5 hours, our AQ motto is: 5 minutes every 5 hours, in a 24 hour period that's 4 times you will be joining AQ for 5 minutes, for the rewards you get that's not much to ask.

-Arena wise we require only at least milestones in the 2 star, 3 star and basic 4 star arena. Of course if you do more we won't complain (:

We get 4 star shards and 5 star shards, we grind in arenas and focus on story and events quests with the main focus being map 3 of Alliance Quest and arena.

So if you play alone why not get benefits for playing the game? So if you grind hard in the arena and you do that alone you get no extra stuff, however in alliances there's always arena oriented quests that get you loot, and for quest's too.

We want loyal members, who are here for the long run, we are not a lounge alliance, nor a vacation alliance, we just play the game without the common guidances that the game sometimes requires.

So! if you want to chill and be selective about your gaming without the hassle of these ultra serious alliances, but still do AQ and grind frequently, join Roguetopia, tag TMRH. Leader: Tim rose
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