Alliance Merge

We are currently exploring merging with another alliance in a similar situation (preferably to join us). Our top 12 is active in AQ and AW with 5 arena actives. My in-game id is bigarabia. We use Whatsapp to communicate and are always short on resources for map5 so we mostly do maps 4 and 3.

Let me know if your alliance is interested and we can take it from there. We are mostly working people in our late twenties to mid thirties with some 40+, and spread throughout the world - and we're very accommodating to real life. We just want to reach a point we we can complete 3 bgs in AQ and AW. No pressure on reaching milestones except for SA when needed.

Feel free to reach out either in-game or through this forum.


  • Hello big mac
  • I wanna talk to u
  • I have sent you friend request in game there we can talk better
  • BigMacBigMac Posts: 21
    Got the request! Let's link up when youre back online
  • Hey big Mac. Add me on line is like to sort something with you
  • Hey Bigmac, add me Line ID aronputt to discuss further. Check out our Ally - novio
  • We can work out a merge
  • Tyu15Tyu15 Posts: 78
    We’re also looking to merge. 5x5 and full war participation. We can take on 12. Anyone interested find me in-game at Tyu15.
  • BigMacBigMac Posts: 21
    Apologies for the late responses. Will check out all the requests. Appreciate the feedback
  • Add me on line, mate. ElenaSabrine. We have 14 spots open for a merge, we are 4.5 mil with only 16 members :) let's chat :smile:
  • hit me up on line: juggerneyks1
  • Tyu15Tyu15 Posts: 78
    @ElenaSabrine if u could shed a few more, we could be a match. Look me up ingame at Tyu15. Ally is sleeping Giants.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 1,668
    Hey BigMac,

    Added you. Seems like a good fit (members, timezone and communication means) with my ally.
  • @Tyu15 sorry mate. These 16 are my loyal core, I already kicked 14 ;)
  • hey we are currently looking for around 12 new recruits, we’re looking at a merge possibly. We use line app to communicate, run mainly map
    3 & 4, hit me up in game if your interested AshleyyTweets
  • BigMacBigMac Posts: 21
    Thanks @AshleyyTweets - I think our guys are a bit more advanced at this stage. We;re lacking enough players to kick-off resources for a maps 4 & 5 consistently since only about 10 of us regularly donate. We can make room for 14 new players so we can run 3 bgs. Easier to just add me in-game as I barely log into this forum.
  • I sent you a friend request in game. Line ID is the same, Alpha-b-bravo.
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