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5 star sig scaling

Anyone have a high sig R4 Hulk able to post their sig ability? (over 100 sig), just duped mine and it's horrible at low sig compared to other 5 stars. A single dupe 5 star Hulk only gains max 545 atk at 1% health as he's about to die, that's barely like a simple fury trigger from a random champ. 4 star sig 99 Hulk gains over 2400 atk at low health. That's over 5X the potency from something very easy to get (maxing 4 star sig is much easier than single duping a 5 star).

Compared to SL 5 star who passes 4 star sig 99 atk gained per streak by sig 10 - TEN.

Why would hulk need 5x dupe to catch his 4 star equivalent when he's already significantly weaker than SL in general, and SL only needs half a dupe or a handful of sig stones to match his max sig 4 star? And no I'm not an SL hater who doesn't have one and want him nerfed, I actually highly prefer sparky over SL. Just don't understand the game design and complete randomness in how certain characters scale. Does a team actually discuss things like this and come up with reasonable values or just randomly slap down some numbers. In his current state an easily obtainable 5/50 Hulk is VASTLY superior to a much harder to get 3/45 until very high sig levels, and at low health even passes up a 4/55 Hulk at lower sigs.


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    BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    awesome, thx. That's what I was afraid of. It's not that easy to get 75 sigs of a certain class especially if that's ur 2nd duped 5 star of that class and it's significantly weaker than 4 star hulk's max sig which thousands and thousands of people have. This is probably why one of the best science 4 stars in the gamn was down graded to average tier for 5 stars by some reviewers. The upgrade to the 4 star version made him very fun and a beast, unfortunately the 5 star version is neutered.

    Other, already more powerful champs just single duped as 5 stars already pass up their 4 star sig 99 counterparts in sig potency.

    Single duped 5-star SL gives 67 atk per hit/meter, sig 99 4 star SL gives 57.
    5X duped 5-star Hulk gives around 2100 atk at 1% health, sig 99 4 star Hulk gives over 2400.

    i'm guessing from those numbers it'd take about 120 sigs for it to catch up to over 2400 atk increase of a 4 star. Why would 1 champ need 120 5-star sigs and another only 10 sigs to match their 4 star? 120 5 star sigs of 1 class is infinitely harder to obtain and duped 4/55's are also much harder to get in general. Even in the higher tier 1% bracket I only have 2 classes that have over 100 sigs available, so the vast majority of the player base would likely have no where close to 120 sigs for Hulk even if they got lucky and pulled 2 of him.

    At about the same sig of 80 range, it just takes SL 20 hits to nearly match Hulk's atk when he's at 1% health and 1 parry from death. That's about 15 seconds into the match and very quickly just escalates from there. I wondered why I never see R4 Hulks on attack in tier 1 when his 5/50 version is so powerful, probably seen literally once in the last 3 months. His 5 star is so crippled by essentially bad math you'd have to be crazy to R4 him at this point in the game. At least it's so black and white obvious now that I definitely should NOT rank him up based on these numbers lol. Rulk just needs to block/parry a few times on a mystic and several seconds into the match he's already passed up OG Hulk damage and is still at full health vs 1% health.
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