Selectable Option pre-war for Node View

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Who would be interested in a selection option either prior to war matchmaking or post matchmaking but pre-attack phase to view nodes or not. Both Alliances would have to select to show node view otherwise the default is no view.

This would essentially allow the alliances matched up to decide to allow node view but not forcing either to disclose if they do not want to.
Note: This isn't about skill as much as how much you want to and want your opponent to be able to strategize nodes. It seems like a great option to accommodate both sides of this issue (those of every skill level are on both sides).

Selectable Option pre-war for Node View 3 votes

Make an AW pre-attack phase node view selection option (req. both alliances to select)
No AW node view option should be available
RagamugginGunnerLeNoirFaineantSpiritOfVengeance 3 votes
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