The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.

Attilan Rising (ATTLN) is recruiting

Alliance Summary
Currently 3.2 million with 21 members. We are a vary diverse group with members in US, UK, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand so there is usually someone always playing.
Respectful and friendly leadership.
AQ/AW not mandatory as we know everyone has a life outside of the game.
No event minimums as we don't expect you to grind arena or buy energy refills to repeat paths you have already run.
AQ in Advanced bracket running a combination of maps 2-4. Mainly 2 bgs of map 2 and occasionally 1 bg of map 3 or 4 based on treasury resources or participation of members. We would like run the higher maps more often.
No set donation requirement but any donations are welcomed so we can occasionally run map 4.
AW tier 12 (just reached tier earning 5* shards with the new rewards)...Currently running 1 battlegroup 2-3 times a week as we are a few short each time due to life requirements. That can change after we get a few more members based on player interest.
SA every other week while we are short members. But our main goal is to go back to weekly SA after we get a full team again - saving after 265k is reached to ensure we can continue to reach SA every week.
Line recommended as several members use that as the main form of communication so you would miss out on those conversations. But not required if you are active enough and read in game chat.

What we are looking for
Active, loyal and dedicated team players that want to grow their roster of champions by working towards both solo and alliance events.
Members focused on improving their gameplay through masteries, game strategies, and practice.
Players that understand linked/local nodes and other strategies to efficiently earn rewards or willing to learn about them.

Veterans wanting to slow down abit and share their wealth of information are also welcome.

Not looking for alliance jumpers or deadweight

Contact me if you have any questions and/or consideration for an alliance invitation.
IGN Fantasy91
Line Fantasy91

While it might seem very lenient in my description above, we are a fairly serious alliance without the high pressure requirements.

You will be kicked for more than 3 days inactive without notifying leadership.
Joining AQ and earning 0 pts or placing AW defenders without joining the attack phase are not acceptable.


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