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Cable or Gambit?

Maitrayee_494Maitrayee_494 Posts: 38
edited February 2018 in General Discussion
I have Rank 3 Level 30 Cable and Gambit, but I want to use one mutant for quests and one for AQ, so which one is better for Quests and why? Thanks..

Cable or Gambit? 45 votes

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dangerbluAggresssorLogan00Trill719FSpree 5 votes


  • chev327foxchev327fox Posts: 826 ★★
    Because he is a better champ then Gambit... that's all i got and all I need on this one.
    Cable mate... Best Option, Regeneration, Incinerate i guess.. Best Attack champ.. Way better than Gambit..
  • Gambit
    Of course you should use Gambit in quest and Cable for aq. Cable has regeneration and is better than gambit.
  • FSpreeFSpree Posts: 9
    edited July 2018
    Cable would be slightly better for AQ due to his regen abilities, allowing him to last longer in fights although his regen is pretty unreliable. His degen from heavy attacks also allows him to deal some damage without enemies gaining energy (which is quite crucial in AQ)

    However, do keep in mind that Cable's damage output is slightly lower than Gambit's. Gambit has a decent stun and his S2 hits pretty hard (esp when it crits) but other than that there's nothing special about him. Forget about charging his Prowess stacks as you'll probably lose health blocking incoming attacks. Max stacks you'll have is around 5 each time anyways and there's a chance you lose your charges. (btw, takes longer to charge as the stacks increases)

    In my opinion, Cable is a better champ in terms of his kit being more durable compared to Gambit's. Both are pretty decent champs although there are definitely better Mutants out there.

    Not sure what Map your alliance is playing for AQ but any higher than Map2, you should be using your better champions for AQ. Since Cable is your better choice, use Gambit for quests then :)
  • Ruben101Ruben101 Posts: 49
    Cable has regen
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