Once again - where are the answers?

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One of the important rules of the program is that creators are not to use Champions in highly competitive game modes such as Alliance Wars or Alliance Quests. The individual in question placed a Champion within Alliance Wars. They were responsible in alerting us to this fact immediately, but also confirmed to us that they take part in account sharing.
Not only is account sharing against our terms of service, this also violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement that Content Creators sign. This document ensures that Creators are not revealing early access content within The Contest before they are authorized to, and someone that has not signed this NDA should never have access to a Content Creator account. The usage and adherence to this NDA was one of the requirements set for the program by our various business partners. This NDA is also in place to ensure that we keep The Contest fair, and violating the terms of it is deemed very serious.

None of this has answered the real issue - he violated the ToS and still hasn't had any action taken against him for doing that. You waffled on about the content creator's program and how he has been removed, but he SHARED his ACCOUNT.
What are you going to do?
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