TRADING!(Is this valid)

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Ingame names such as Zack,Wolverine,Deadpool are rare and exclusive.Alliance tags such a AGENT,ALLY,SQUAD are also rare.Gifting:revives,energy refills,and mastery cores cost units.My suggestion and question is,are you allowed to trade your "rare" name or whatever you want,for available gifting items. Obviously your IGN name and tag would need to be assisted with a moderator.Likewise this may also cause some issues with scams,scammers and glitches,most of the other features already have problems,but with a much bugger reward.Hopefully people will read this and it may prosper.

Heart of The Universe (Blaargo)

TRADING!(Is this valid) 31 votes

9% 3 votes
77% 24 votes
Yes,if supported with a trusted middleman.
12% 4 votes


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