Removing the Alliance Bases Tab


The Alliance Base Tab has been a long standing part of Alliances Pages. When we first introduced that tab, we had high hopes for a new game mode that would become part of the Contest.

We spent a lot of time working on Alliance Bases, but we never found the mode to be as engaging or as fun as we wanted it to be, and as we continued to focus on other new and exciting content we pushed Alliance Bases to the back burner.

We are now at the point that we have decided that Alliance Bases are no longer on our roadmap for upcoming features. This has freed us up to focus on other new features that you have already seen, like Alliance Wars Seasons, the Beta System, and modes like MODOK’s Lab. This has also given us time to work on other new features that you have yet to see, including features that focus on small scale multiplayer gameplay, with friends, strangers, and Alliance Members!

While the Bases tab will be removed in the near future, we’ll have news on new features for you all in the coming months!
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