Teasers for new features coming?

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"We are now at the point that we have decided that Alliance Bases are no longer on our roadmap for upcoming features. This has freed us up to focus on other new features that you have already seen, like Alliance Wars Seasons, the Beta System, and modes like MODOK’s Lab. This has also given us time to work on other new features that you have yet to see, including features that focus on small scale multiplayer gameplay, with friends, strangers, and Alliance Members!"

With alliance bases being permanently removed, Kabam gave us teasers on some more new features to come. My question/hope to Kabam is: Will there be any new competitive mode coming out on the scale of AW / AQ / Arena ?

My hope with Bases was (whenever it would be finished) that it would add a new element to the game, a new reason to rank-up certain champions over others. As much as people might hate this, but another way to lock-up your champions in a new game-mode would make rank-ups more strategized again as you would be spread more thin and feel a better sense of progression making rank-up choices.

Now these new game-mode being teased, are they going to be just side-quests that come along the monthly event quest (MODOK'S Lab, Black Panther Trails, Ragnarok Glory, etc.) because honestly while those are fun intially, they lose their spark pretty quickly and become a chore by the month's end. I usually feel relieved at the end of the month that I no longer have to complete them (but then the next one comes along with that new feeling). They are also quite fundamentally all the same - blow through these 3-6 somewhat-hard not really fights and collect some low rewards that add up nicely over time.

Will this new small-scale multiplayer feature be adding a whole new dynamic to the game?


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