So... Shards for Blade day?

How many 5 star shards have you guys saved up for blade day?


  • JohnnyBeastJohnnyBeast Posts: 59
    I’m up to 82k. I’ll get 5 or 6 chances
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 716 ★★
    .0000000000000000000001% at blade
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 638 ★★
    Got 3 shots. I have been 2 for 2 in featured (SESM and Iceman).
  • Gizno317Gizno317 Posts: 11
  • 60k
  • SnakeEyes69SnakeEyes69 Posts: 217
    I'll have enough for 4 chances. But the way my last 5 turned out I'm not expecting some miracle. Lol
  • Viper83Viper83 Posts: 191
  • AlCapone2727AlCapone2727 Posts: 428 ★★
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,320 ★★★★★
    @Chitlins I really doubt that they adjust your drop rate based on forum bans lol. Good luck though. I'll have 10k shards tomorrow and will be opening a basic. Already have Blade though.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Only 35k.
    I'm currently 0/7 on feature if you don't count feature grand master crystals
  • GAM3RGUYGAM3RGUY Posts: 203
    6k lol I m going zero
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    An alliance mate just completed uncollected event quest and pulled blade from a 10k crystal.
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,586 ★★★★
    Chitlins wrote: »
    I'll have 4 tries but my forums ban doesn't end until Friday and I have a weird feeling that forum jail reduces chances for good crystal pulls. So I'm waiting until Friday to open

    Yep you are right, I have opened 7 5* since being in "jail" and all ****.

    I did message a mod about it, but they defo change drop rates personally.

    I mean it isn't "luck" that seatin gets every feature champ he goes for, that's just BS

  • FuzzylumpsFuzzylumps Posts: 116
    77k shards - Please Kabam have mercy
  • colbyscipio987colbyscipio987 Posts: 1,027 ★★
    About to be a Blade Fiesta
  • StewmanStewman Posts: 735 ★★★
    currently 87k 3 paths left on uncollected for 100%
    so I'll have 90k 6 tries. Just need him once.
    2nd account has 27k. less hopeful for it.
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 693
    140k plus a skill AG... fingers crossed
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★
    GAM3RGUY wrote: »
    6k lol I m going zero

    Hate to break it to you but I don’t think you’re gonna get blade
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,586 ★★★★
    Damn you guys are gonna be mad AF when he gets nerfed 😂
  • ApacheApache Posts: 558 ★★
    already have him so ill be opening basics
  • TurboMacanTurboMacan Posts: 7
    RNG my rear end. I have pulled 9 5*'s from the basic pool so far and they are all pretty much MEH tier. The fact that people who have completed ROL or are Uncollected somehow seem to have unbelievable luck is simply not fair and only further reinforces the pay to win concept.
  • whaler213whaler213 Posts: 151
    @TurboMacan trust me as someone who is uncollected and completed most content you only think people are luckier than you there are simply many many more meh champs than good ones in the 5* pool right now. personally my first 10 were terrible (including pulling IP back to back as my only 5* dupe its amazing how "luck" gets better the more crystals you open, and it only takes 3-4 great champs to turn the game around. I am now up to 45 5* and I would say 35 of them are meh/trash (or at minimum I would never consider r4ing them or use them for content)
  • Slux83Slux83 Posts: 357 ★★
    Just one try. Not gonna cry without him
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,469 ★★★★
    One try because I went for morningstar. Just had a feeling I wouldn’t get blade. 1/8 so far on featureds.
  • TurboMacanTurboMacan Posts: 7
    @whaler213 So what your saying is don't expect a 5* Blade anytime soon. :/
  • whaler213whaler213 Posts: 151
    @TurboMacan never said new players cant get good pulls I'm just saying the more crystals you open the "luckier" you look because your profile is full of good champs. if you have 2-3 shots at blade feature right now id go for it
  • DrOctavius2_2DrOctavius2_2 Posts: 431 ★★
    Kabam might as well but a 5* Blade at the end of monthly calendar because everybody about to get a Blade lol
  • Willjackson16Willjackson16 Posts: 288 ★★
    Only 20k but it will be my first featured as my other 8 5* are all ****
  • Greifmaster911Greifmaster911 Posts: 316 ★★
    Had 2 tries 1 featured and 1 basic, opened the basic yesterday and kg, rip
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