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I got him last week. And planing to r5 him as soon as i can(i have enough t4cosmic) . And i also have one generic 4* awakening gem. And lots of sig stones for cosmic. Should i use the awakening gem and sig stones on him ? my current roster is duped 4* r5 quake , duped 4* r5 ghost rider , duped 4* r4 scarlet witch, duped 4* star lord and unduped 4* x-23. Im planning use him instead of x23.


  • RCunhaRCunha Posts: 327 ★★
    He doesn't really need to be awakened to be good, that will only improve the duration of his bufs.
  • RCunhaRCunha Posts: 327 ★★
    And X-23 doesn't need to be awakened as well, R5 that Hyperion he will help you take down everyone faster.
  • Hes my first R5 champ undupped. Hes a GOD
  • ss1100ss1100 Posts: 365
    Keep that awakening gem. Hype & x23 both dun nid to be dup
  • His awakened ability is certainly helpful, but not needed. If you had a cosmic awakening gem, I'd say go for it. But for generic, save for someone else
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    You talking 'bout me?
    Me da al-Mighty Hyperion, equivalent of DC's Superman. I also call myself Hyperman.
    Me, very awesome, dupped or undupped.
    But me da Hyperman owns all your resources!
    Don't you dare to spend any of your resources on other champs before me!


    Haha just kidding. Joke aside, congrats on the pull!! This is awesome (to you)!
    Don't waste the precious awakening gem on him (or Angela), save it for Medusa and other folks if it is class specific. Don't use generic awakening gems on Cosmic class.
    Definitely R5 your Hyperion (so is Angela, Medusa, Thor, Drax), good luck and cheers!
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