Do you want to to be in an active alliance?
Do you get tired of people not communicating or progressing?
Do you like turtles? (Not required)

We're looking for a few active and skilled players to replace a few duds in our roster. We're active, serious about end game content but we keep it fun!! Requirements below:

+3250 prestige minimum
Rank 55 or higher
Comfortable running map 5, five times a week
AQ priority AW close second
Donations 135k gold, 30k battle, 12,5k loyalty (weekly/Sunday's)
line app MANDATORY! Communication is key.
Duels and quest compilation required (650, 15k)

Our alliance:
(RYU!!) The Original Champions!!!
6m alliance Rating
1275 war Rating
200k avg. member Rating

Hit me up with questions or if you're interested. cheers!
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