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Two player fighting AQ boss at the same time

This just happened. I was on Map 5 Section 1 against Mordo mini boss, entered the fight spent the next 2:30 minutes fighting and draining mordo of about 80% of his health and then died. Lo and behold, after loading screen, it shows that mordo was down already and a few people had already went to the next section. I thought that was strange, checked my score and my score was still the same as if I had never fought Mordo, while the guy who got all the points beat Mordo. He complained that his fight was in slow motion. I lost a champ for no apparent reason. This isn't about who got what points, it's about why are two players fighting the same mini boss at the same time?

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    Yesterday, an alliance member got kicked while fighting Mordo. I fought Mordo a few minutes after and beat him, but when I went back to the AQ screen, Mordo was standing there with full health and I had a 1/2 Hero.
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