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4k+ prestige looking for alliance

Hey folks. Looking for a slightly more competitive alliance than what I'm currently in. Specifically, I want an alliance that can handle at least 3 map 5s a week, clears all bgs, and is at least gold in war. I also want this alliance to recognize that life comes first, and is therefore a good balance between fun/winning.

I obviously can't ask for the goods without telling a little bit about myself. I'm used to map 5, always hit 3k item use, 15k completion, and 10k SA. I donate on time, communicate well, and try my best not to keep people waiting on my nodes.

I've included my summoner profile, but right behind these guys are 5/50 hyperion, crossbones, hulk, star lord, and iceman (all duped but ice). I also have a slew of 4/40s including AA, GP, SW, NC, MM, etc.


If you think I'm a good fit, hit me up

Ign: kestrelle
Line preferred


  • Sent you a PM.
  • CarpyCarpy Posts: 95
    Hit me up on line at carpy16. I also sent in game friend request
  • RyRyIVRyRyIV Posts: 69
    Definitely interested in discussing things. Add me on Line, RyRyIV.
  • Interested, message me in line, if you didn't join already, our alliance is GotKo
  • Interested, message me in line, if you didn't join already, our alliance is GotKox
  • Vm83Vm83 Posts: 18
    We are 6m+ally.We are looking the same.Map 55335 and 3×aw (tier 6 Gold 2 bracket)
    Also sent an in game request.
  • Josh056Josh056 Posts: 121
    You sound like a perfect fit for us. 9mil+ alliance. 55553 and 5x5. 3 wars per week. Gold 1-2.
    Line Id: Josh056games
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