Sometimes, when an AI does its heavy, my character completely misses him. You guys know anything about this?


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    Like this?
  • It's a bug and it is on the known Issues list.
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    Slux83 wrote: »
    Like this?

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    This is only my second post and I have been a loyal everyday player for longer than I probably should have. I've invested a substantial amount of time and money in this game, and for that I expect to be rewarded with a playable game with the content I fell in love with. At this point, I barely recognize the game that sucked me into this MCOC culture that I've become a part of. This whiffing issue is detrimental to the game. It causes players to lose valuable resources that they have paid for with time or hard earned money. It has cost me several fights, in all aspects of the game. As you are well aware, one missed step in this game and you're done. Please, Please fix the problem. If not fixed, this game becomes unplayable for me. Check my account. You'll see that I am a valuable customer who is willing to pay for something I love to do. My username is Theirs her. I will be expecting a response if you wish to keep me as a customer. Thank you
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    Whiffing is better now but I still see it happening. 2 specific instances:

    Black panther vs tech symbioid using visions heavy attack style. Symbioid executed entire heavy attack, black panther moves in with a medium, black panther misses.

    Black panther vs rhino. Rhino winds up for a heavy, pulling his arm back. Black panther moves in with a medium, black panther misses. Same thing happened with venompool winding up for a heavy.
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