Blank Screen after Updating

After updating the game, tried to log in and it shows me a blank screen. I didn't notice anything, because it'd generally show a blank screen then the Marvel logo, then Kabam logo etc. But no logos. Nothing. After about 20 mins of waiting, I uninstalled the app and re-downloaded the whole thing anew. It ran smoothly. Went through the whole process of downloading the game files and even game play was real smooth. I assumed the issue was gone but that does not seem to be the case as I am trying to open the game again and it's doing the same thing again. Blank Screen. Nothing more. Please Kabam fix. Please. I need to be able to log in before AQ or I get kicked.


  • Bro what you did to fix this problem i m also facing the same one plz reply fast...
  • Neroa65Neroa65 Posts: 302 ★★
    My phone did an "optimize process" when I turned it off and back on for all apps and it worked just fine. I use an Android phone. If that helps. Also I've updated to the latest version of the game as well. I do recall the issue, for me was with the first sentinel update.
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